I- General Rules

  • Rules are guidelines needed in order for Events to be Successful and Must be followed by all members.
  • Members must follow all orders during events, if a member doesn't agree with or has a problem with any of the decisions made, please /tell a leader. Quick actions will be taken under special circumstances, and must be accepted, as this circumstances may lead to a wipe and arguing about decisions at the moment will just hinder the situation.
  • Respect is a Priority within Execute; members shall not do anything hurtful to other members. These types of issues will be resolved as soon as possible and may result in punishment to the person's ability to obtain Loot, and depending on the case, may result in their expulsion from Execute.
  • Members MUST wear Execute pearl at all times. Exceptions are giving to members that lead other events such as Dynamis/Limbus but only during those times and by talking to an officer may they be given the exception.
  • Execute Holds events such as Sea/Limbus/Bv2 Therefor All members are require to have the previous missions completed in order to have access to this events.

II- Wishlist/Lotting:

  • In Execute, we will use a Wishlist/Attendance System, everyone is able to Wishlist 5 items per event. Example: 5 Items for Sky, 5 Items for HNM, 5 for Sea. In the event an item drops, members with the Whislisted Items may lot, a member will only be able to lot 1 item per NM. In addition, once an item is obtained, that person may not obtain another item for the duration of the event. This is done to give others an equal opportunity to receive items on their wishlist. Once the wishlist is cleared, it can be reset but priority will be given to those still on line for prior items.
  • Members will not cast lots on any items until permission has been given by the leaders to those people who have items on their wishlists. Lotting without permission will result in punishment to a person's lotting privileges and/or possible expulsion from Execute depending on the circumstances.
  • Veteran Members will have priority over new members when acquiring loot. (A Member is considered New for the first 30 Days in the LS)
  • We give Lotting priority to our main jobs as well to members that have the job at Lv75 above others with the job at lower levels. Example: D.Ring for our Main Tanks.
  • Members with better attendance than others will be considered before others with a lower attendance for getting loot.
  • Attendance is taken and registered by event. Each event/HNM will be counted as 1 and registered on the site to keep control of who is attending and who is not attending Linkshell events.
  • Weapon drops from Sky will be free lotted by people who can equip first. Others may only lot after people with the job at 75 have lotted or passed first.

III- Events:

  • Members are expected to attend all events on schedule while online.
  • Members who don't attend an event while online will lose attendance points which will hinder their priority to lot items on their wishlist before others with more points.
  • Members that go AFK Constantly during events will receive no credit for the day.
  • Members attending at or after the 50% of the event will obtain half credit for the event.
  • Members who attend Events early will have priority on lots during that event against those late.
  • Members who Claim a HNM will get 200% of that event Value of Attendance points.

IV- Weekly Payouts & Stage 5 Fund:

  • Each member will receive a weekly payment according to the money made during that week and their attendance. All events of the week will sum 100% (100% Being the Weekly Payment) and Members Payout will be calculated according to the % of events that they attended.
  • Every other Money drop will go to the LS Bank, Example: Herald Gaiters, BB Items. And will be sold and split accordingly.
  • All Items Not on Wishlist will be sold in order to increase the LS Bank.
  • LS Bank will save a % of each weekly payment in order to form a future Stage 5 Relic fund to members who are on Stage 4 and have been members of Execute for at least 5 months.

V - Linkshell Events Schedule

Monday Tuesday Thursday Sunday
Sky 6PM EST ZNM 6PM EST Sky 6PM EST Special Event 1PM EST
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